This side is to try to obtain an historical overview of the camp Elsterhorst. Owing to world-wide cross-linking each interested person information can catch up itself now. Importantly thereby to me - straight regarding the end of war before 60 years - a neutral rendition of the events appears between 1937 and 1948.

www.elsterhorst.de is to remind of the fate of all in the camp Elsterhorst prisoner, suffering and the deceased. A completeness at information is not present however and will be never reached. The fate of a particular approximately 60 years later in data and facts to express, is almost impossible. However the conception becomes to the time at that time by time witness reports material.

In order to understand the entire happening of the time at that time, one must itself upon the expiration World war II employ. In addition the resuming are to serve links.

Thanks to all, which contributed information and pictorial material.

Special thanks apply for Mr. Karl-Heinz Hempel and its team. The former director/conductor of the city museum Hoyerswerda is concerned already for a long time with the history of the camp Elsterhorst. In the brochure "Neue Hoyerswerdaer Geschichtshefte" Nr.2 (1999) appeared in addition numerous information, photos and time witness reports, which are trained on this side also. A further expenditure of these historical booklets to the camp Elsterhorst will plan.

I am grateful also in the future for constructional criticism to this side and its sensitive topic.

Helpful are further also pictorial material, time witness reports and other information.


Nardt in May 2005 - Reno Munick - Webmaster www.elsterhorst.de


"Reconciliation needs memory. Memory needs information."

Professor Dr. Guido Knopp
Historian, leader contemporary history by Second Channel of German Television